Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Ides of Hallows Month

I apologize for the low-res phone photo. Several rummage sales ago Colleen left this spooky painting here. I took a liking to it because it's just a little creepy but also fun. I enjoy the wild-haired little girl with the broom and the lions remind me of Patience and Fortitude. Last spring I gave the painting to Emma. She enjoys spooky things and I was, still am, paring down the possessions in anticipation of moving. Which will happen. Eventually. When the right person walks into my house, falls in love with the fab kitchen and queen suite*, and buys it. 

*Most people refer to it as a master suite, but as long as I'm sleeping there it's the queen suite. I much prefer being the queen of the house to being master. The lucky buyer can call it whatever they wish.

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