Sunday, October 11, 2015

Need My Parenthood Fix!

Dear NBC,

In true tenacious form, I have powered through Seasons 1-5 of Parenthood in a mere twelve days. That's 7.5 episodes per day. Like so many other rabid fans, I am wondering when you plan to release the final season of episodes to Netflix. You toyed with us earlier by announcing that streaming would be available September 25th! Well before I became addicted to my daily dose of Braverman drama! I viewed the final episode of Season 5 last evening and noted that the show's producers ended it with a montage of scenes that tied up many story lines but at the same time left a few cliffhangers. Like at the time that episode was produced they were dealing with a cliffhanger of their own, namely, had they been renewed for a sixth season? This open letter is a request to release Season 6 to Netflix immediately. I am loathe to admit that when episode 90 was over and the count reset to the pilot, I rewatched it. Yes. I did. Thanks so much.


A Pitifully Addicted Fan   

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