Friday, September 18, 2015

The Results Are In!

So I finally got to the answer page on this test. And I got eleven out of twelve correct. I went back and forth on the one about water boiling in Denver and Los Angeles and chose wrong, mainly because I thought it was a trick question, like the final one. I had the right idea but didn't properly apply the knowledge I had. Interestingly enough, compared to others who took the test, the water boiling one showed the smallest number of correct answers than any of the others. That made me feel better. The final score reveals that I did better than 82% of the public, the same as 12%, and 6% scored higher than me. These are results I am okay with. It will be challenging to find that elusive 6% of people to rub elbows with so I can gain further sciencey knowledge. In other words, people who are likely even better than me at stopping a dinner party conversation dead in its tracks.


Cory Skurdal said...

Carla Jean: making "sciencey knowledgeable" comments at a dinner party is one of the least provocative and amusing ways to stop the conversation dead in its tracks. Aim for that look of horror slowly dawning in the eyes of the host. Aim to clear the room in ten seconds flat. Aim for the stars!

Bellona of Avalon said...

This is one of the MANY highly effective weapons in my vast arsenal of social awkwardness.

Provocative and amusing shows up around the second glass of wine and into the home stretch toward dessert. If I'm hosting the dinner party at my home, I save invoking the slowly dawning look of horror until later in the evening to inspire too-long-lingering guests to leave.

One should always aim high!