Thursday, September 3, 2015

Alterations R Me

So I got this crazy cute sundress on clearance. Twelve bucks. Lacy bodice, slits on the sides up to my knees, and seriously comfortable. The one tiny downside is I had to take the hem up just a bit. Who am I kidding, it wasn't just a bit, it was six effing inches! Half a foot! I know I'm not tall, my height at present is just under five feet, four inches. I used to be five-four and a quarter, and I claimed every bit of it. The inevitable effects of age and gravity take their toll. But six inches!?! That means this dress was proportioned for someone considerably taller than me. Or maybe someone who is a little taller but willing to traipse about in ridiculously tall shoes. Preferring flat sandals or maybe a wedge that adds between one and two inches to my height, I hemmed without complaining. Because, like I said, it's crazy cute. Another bonus is I already have a bra that works with it! This is why I frequent the clearance racks. Once you factor in the potential purchase of new undies and the nuisance of alterations, I need to get it cheap. Now I just need to resist the urge to create an accessory from the lopped off fabric. I have so little self control and questionable fashion sense. This is not a good combination.

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