Wednesday, September 30, 2015

These Are The Best!

It's almost October.  I live Halloween.And since thirty-one days isn't quite enough time to enjoy this holiday, I'm starting now.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Parent in the 'Hood

I just watched the pilot episode of Parenthood. It's been on my queue for some time but I just didn't get to it until tonight. Suffice to say that I am drawn in, hooked, already a fan. Echoes of my own experience as a mother reverberated with the revelation that Adam and Kristina's young son, Max,  may have Asperger's Syndrome. I caught myself tearing up and whispering out loud, it gets better. Diagnosis is the first step toward figuring things out. It will be okay. Man, am I going to get emotionally smacked around with each and every succeeding episode? I don't necessarily hope so, but I do like being engaged with the characters whose lives I invite into my living room on a regular basis. It's better than being bored. Which inclines me to not invite them back. We're talking real life as well as movies and tv here. Which reminds me of something my mother used to say. Hope for boring, she said, because it's usually otherwise.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

This Just In...

When you Google Emberzine name meaning, this blog comes up on the first search results page. At positions six and seven. Just for fun, Google dish fairy*. I know that sounds completely inappropriate but do it anyway. This ends my self-aggrandizing post for today.

*I swear when I wrote about my own personal dish fairy eight years ago, this blog was at the top of the first search page! Guess it's been a while since I checked. Now it seems there is an abundance of dish fairy lore as well as a fairy-monikered dish washing detergent. I have just perused over a dozen Google search pages and have yet to see my blog pop up. Sigh. I have succeeded in bursting my own self-aggrandizing bubble. Humility is mine.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

And They Named the Baby Dept.

I know a woman who recently gave birth to a lovely baby girl. And this child has been christened Emberzine. Emberzine. Rhymes with Clementine. I can find no references as to what this name means or the origins of it. Has kind of a video game locale mystique to it, don't you think? I feel for this child. Because her name will be constantly mispronounced and misspelled and pretty much inexplicable. This is either one of those character building things or something that will come out in therapy later. Maybe both.

Friday, September 25, 2015

It's a Pollack-Picasso

In the process of cleaning way back into the forgotten corners of my house, I have come across items that present disposal problems. Getting creative is the answer. As to an environmentally appropriate method to dispose of paint that is no longer usable, this is the recommended way to do it. I spread out a chunk of old shower curtain on the garage floor and dumped, yes, dumped, liquid paint onto it. With a fan in place to facilitate drying, every other day I added a thin layer of paint to the emerging work of art. The final result was the above, which was eventually rolled up and placed in the trash. I'm considering cropping and enlarging a photo of this mess and once suitably framed, hanging it on the wall. Perhaps eventually I can sell it for big bucks as a long lost masterpiece from the abstract latex school of portraiture. While the likelihood of that is slim, I highly recommend doing this. Mostly because it's fun to dump paint around in a slightly haphazard fashion.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Very Own Street

I was just now casually perusing homes for sale in Loveland, Colorado. This one is at the upper stretches of my budget, but please! It's located on Carla Drive. Destiny is speaking, and she has my ear.

Cats in the Car

The year? 1979. The kitties? Cleo and Cassie. The car? My very first, a 1974 Chevy Nova. The photographer? My sis Martine who was riding shotgun. We were somewhere between Brookings and Corsica, South Dakota, delivering our pets to Mom and Cullen. They had recently moved to Corsica and we had been secreting them away in our apartment where they were not allowed. No pet carriers, no seat belts. This is how we drove distractedly before cell phones. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Results Are In!

So I finally got to the answer page on this test. And I got eleven out of twelve correct. I went back and forth on the one about water boiling in Denver and Los Angeles and chose wrong, mainly because I thought it was a trick question, like the final one. I had the right idea but didn't properly apply the knowledge I had. Interestingly enough, compared to others who took the test, the water boiling one showed the smallest number of correct answers than any of the others. That made me feel better. The final score reveals that I did better than 82% of the public, the same as 12%, and 6% scored higher than me. These are results I am okay with. It will be challenging to find that elusive 6% of people to rub elbows with so I can gain further sciencey knowledge. In other words, people who are likely even better than me at stopping a dinner party conversation dead in its tracks.

Once Upon the Final Friday Night of Summer...

It's a chilly, gray evening. I wish someone would bring me soup. And give me a foot massage. And watch a movie with me. Maybe bake a pie. If I rubbed a lamp and a genie appeared, these are the sort of wishes I would make. I think your wishes should be limited to three only if they're big ass wishes, like a new car or world peace or a night with John Cusack. There ought to be an unlimited supply of small wishes coming true. Which, when I think about it, happens almost daily without a stinking genie. Pardon me while I get on with the two final episodes of Once Upon a Time, Season 4. If you're in the neighborhood and happen to have soup and pie and are capable of a moderately decent foot rub, do stop by.   

Thursday, September 17, 2015

So Cool!

Incarnate Intentions

I've been giving a great deal of thought to the concept of manifestation. Meditating on intentions and dreams and positive imaging to make these things happen in the real world. I don't have clear signs that any of this is working, but an unexpected result over the last few weeks is a sense of calm, better sleep, and a feeling of confidence in the work I take on. And as far as dreams go, last night I had a seriously cool dream involving Linda and Deanna! Just your everyday sort of hanging out together, which is something I hope to experience with them once the move is accomplished. A side bonus is that there were several handsome men hanging out with us. Like my subconscious brain is working on manifestation while I sleep. This is a very good thing. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In a Memoir State of Mind

It has just dawned on me that the last three books I have read are all memoirs! I'm keeping As You Wish for my personal library but the other two will be available at my moving/rummage sale. Which could happen at any moment. As soon as my house sells. Meh.

My Roomie Espen

Look who joined me in my very comfortable suite at Cory and Bob's! This is Espen. His name means god bear in the ancient norse languages. Just look at that sweet face. When I casually asked Bob if I could take this kitty home with me, he answered with an emphatic and unequivocal NO!!.

Remembering to Breathe

Generally I don't give a rat's ass what people think of me. Excepting, obviously, those I care about. It's really none of my business. But this whole selling my house project has me placing myself square in the crosshairs of judgement. The feedback from potential buyers after a showing has me on the defensive! I am not enjoying this and seriously working on not taking it personally. Breathe. Okay. This is something I have no control over and thus must let go of. Breathe. I have loved this house, tended it, cleaned it, and repaired it for going on thirty years. I am ready to let go of it and move on. But not to anyone who only sees the traces of imperfection that dwell here. There isn't enough beige paint in the world to cover what detractors insist on seeing. A buyer will come along who can appreciate the beauty of this house and the shelter it offers. And I will wait for that. And breathe.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

In a Sharing Mood

I'm not sharing out of generosity, but with the hope that hearing the song as a whole will break the perseveration cycle. You're welcome.

Sciencey Brain Stuff

I just took this test. Twice. And got an error screen at the end both times. I'm pretty sure I got 12 out of 12 correct, but wanted my official score to back up my bragging rights. For now, I'll rest quietly on my laurels. And take the test again later and see if the results show up. Maybe it's actually an insanity test. If I keep trying and continue to get the same outcome, I'm crazy. That could explain a lot.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Noir et Blanc

My quasi-annual viewing of Body Heat took place over Labor Day weekend. With a twist. Jill popped the dvd into the player and we settled back with a beverage to enjoy my favorite movie. But instead of showing up on the screen in its normal colorful mode, it was playing in black and white. Seriously weird. At first I wanted to meddle with the player and check all the connections and settings to restore the color, but after a few minutes of adjusting to it, and frankly, laziness, I decided to watch it as is. And something unexpected and interesting occurred. The dialog, nay, even the locale and characters were transformed and transported from their 1980's place and time back to their 1940's counterparts! Somehow draining the color from the film rendered Body Heat down to reflect and inhabit the movie era that inspired Lawrence Kasdan in the first place! The only thing that reminded me we were still in the latter part of the twentieth century were the modern cars and Bob Seeger blasting from Mickey Roarke's stereo. Ned Racine's law office, his apartment, the various bars and boardwalks, courtrooms and police station settings were all believable for forty years earlier! The men primarily in suits and Kathleen Turner's femme fatale dresses translated as well. Ned Racine's choice in jogging attire not so much. I would never have watched it in black and white but for this electronic device glitch, but it will be interesting to see on the occasion of future viewings if my adoration for this film is altered. Either way, you'll read about it here.

I Like These Numbers!

Yes, I think it's a good idea to lower your blood pressure to within normal guidelines. Particularly since a major study was recently cut short because early data showed that lowering blood pressure significantly contributed to remaining healthy. Meaning avoiding heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes. The above was my reading yesterday, which makes me very happy, indeed. But my bp wasn't lowered by my doctor aggressively treating my slightly elevated bp with prescription drugs. I am taking an over the counter supplement called coenzyme Q10. Which makes me think even more than before that lifestyle choices can influence health in a positive manner. Lose ten pounds, be more physically active, eat healthier. I'm not a doctor, but this is working for me, and I have family history of hypertension. At least for now, this is a plan I'm sticking with.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Attention, Bloomers!

In case you live under a rock or are even less aware of breaking pop culture news than I am, this ought to warm up the cockles of your chilly heart in very short order.  Bloom County is back! Yes, children, Opus and company have returned under the banner Bloom County 2015. Berkeley Breathed, I love you! Like his Facebook page to see new comics or catch up at GoComics. Has it really been twenty-five years?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Saturday Morning

I love waking up at Jill's cabin. The first order of business is to go outside and find a chair on the deck, often cradling a cup of steaming coffee in my hands. It had rained overnight but the pine laden breeze had already dried the seats. Settling in, sometimes with a blanket over my shoulders, most of the time I bring a book or journal but find that the creek and trees and sky are entertainment enough. Later I wrote the following. Noting that you, the subject of this poem, still follow this space, I have no clue if you actually read what I write here. I offer it in peace, just the same.  

Romantic Retrospective

I realized over coffee
That it's your birthday
I am pleased 
And relieved
When I think of you now
It is with kindness
Choosing to remember
The undercurrent of anticipation
Over dinner
And what came later
You kissed me so deeply, completely
You rubbed my feet
Your eyes met mine unflinchingly
No hesitation or fear
You were just what I needed
That chill, gray April day
Experiencing more perfection
In those few hours
Than couples who couple for decades
I am the queen 
Of neat and tidy rationalizations
I may have wanted more of you
But find myself content
To have had the best of you

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Dress for Dancing and Dessert

The dress in the previous post? It's great for dancing. All I wanted Saturday night was dessert and dancing. Dessert was a dense, fudgy cake with a drizzle of raspberry sauce. Dancing was found later at the 445 which was hosting a terrific band. Maybe I need to wish bigger. On the other hand, it's the little things. When the little things come effortlessly, the big things seem to take care of themselves. All you need to do is open your heart to the possibilities.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Alterations R Me

So I got this crazy cute sundress on clearance. Twelve bucks. Lacy bodice, slits on the sides up to my knees, and seriously comfortable. The one tiny downside is I had to take the hem up just a bit. Who am I kidding, it wasn't just a bit, it was six effing inches! Half a foot! I know I'm not tall, my height at present is just under five feet, four inches. I used to be five-four and a quarter, and I claimed every bit of it. The inevitable effects of age and gravity take their toll. But six inches!?! That means this dress was proportioned for someone considerably taller than me. Or maybe someone who is a little taller but willing to traipse about in ridiculously tall shoes. Preferring flat sandals or maybe a wedge that adds between one and two inches to my height, I hemmed without complaining. Because, like I said, it's crazy cute. Another bonus is I already have a bra that works with it! This is why I frequent the clearance racks. Once you factor in the potential purchase of new undies and the nuisance of alterations, I need to get it cheap. Now I just need to resist the urge to create an accessory from the lopped off fabric. I have so little self control and questionable fashion sense. This is not a good combination.

Call Me Ethel

Forget Thelma and Louise. The original crazy woman duo is Lucy and Ethel. I wonder if Jill would mind dying her hair red. Pardon me while I finish my coffee, feed the cat, vacuum, and pack.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

About This Week

1. Too many shitty pain days in a row!

2. Which is why I'm taking it easy on the hands for a few.

3. Which means I have the blinders on to things I should be doing.

4. Which makes me a little crazy.

5. Although washing dishes by hand and a glass of wine are helpful. For both the crazy and the pain.

6. The good news is, there is amusement and distraction on the horizon!

7. In reference to item 6, Jill and I are off to the Black Hills for the weekend.

8. In reference to item 7, we still need to work out who is keeping an eye on whom.

9. In reference to item 8, neither of us excels at being a grownup when we don't have our children around to remind us that we are the grownups.

10. Jill and Carla doesn't quite measure up to Thelma and Louise tonally or thematically, so there's probably no need to worry.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Culture in Columbus, Part Four

As Hamlet said in, well, Hamlet, the play's the thing! But this was another of the historical works of Shakespeare, Richard III. It was a lovely evening at Schiller Park to see this production staged by the Actors' Theatre of Columbus.

Program for the performance.

Richard III working his evil magic on the Lady Anne, who has quite recently become a widow. By his hand, or more accurately, decree. It's complicated.

Cory doing his turn at reviewing the play. 

They were doing a Mad Men-esque twist by bringing the action to the big city in the 20th century. Suits and skyline and cocktails, oh my.

Culture in Columbus, Part Three

Since Columbus is the capital of Ohio, they have a fancy capitol building. Unlike the art gallery, they allow photos.

I'm guessing when this was built, the first lady of Ohio had some say in how it was decorated and her favorite color was pink.

Details, details.

Gigantic paintings and catwalks.

A dizzying floor pattern.

More details.

Fancy ceiling with paintings depicting the seasons.

Arches, Curves. Lamp post. All in all, a very historic and lovely tour.