Thursday, July 16, 2015

So Much Love

I am so fortunate. Regarding the emotional rollercoaster of life I've been riding the last few weeks, I have today found my way off of this most troublesome ride. The fortunate part isn't the mere disembarking, which in itself is such a relief, but the help and guidance from some pretty amazing women that I call friends. Two days ago it was Karen, last night it was Steph, and this morning Jill. In the last week or so it was dear sisters Martine and Pam, and then Lisa. Also the loves from my AndiGirlz. Your patient ears and wisdom and support while I blubber and tear up are appreciated beyond any demonstration of thanks I can offer. And even though they they bear a Y chromosome, Cory belongs in this group as does Tom who sometimes comments here. Also my beamish boy Reid who has been dubiously blessed with a mom who is a self-described crier. He manages my teary asides so very well. Thanks to all of you. I am heartened, shored up, and wobbly but upright. 

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