Monday, June 8, 2015

Laundry List That Does Not Include Doing Laundry

1. Finish potting plants.

2. Finish coffee before dealing with plants and pots.

3. Organize crap in garage.

4. In reference to item 3, this must be accomplished so I can put more crap out there.

5. Stay properly hydrated while working on these tasks.

6. Item 5 does not include beer until well after 5 pm.

7. In reference to item 6, I don't care if it's Martine's birthday, adhere to this rule anyway.

8. Remember to be grateful for this day, even if it feels like the shittiest Monday in recent memory.

9. Remember that finishing all of these looming tasks brings you closer to your objective.

10. In reference to item 9, said list of looming tasks is getting shorter and is well decorated with check marks and scribbles and rewrites.

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