Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Close That Window!

A couple of hours ago I got a call on the landline from a fellow who claimed to be a representative at Microsoft Windows. Hmm. I had never heard Microsoft referred to in quite that way but out of curiosity I stayed on the line. He said I had not responded to numerous messages so they found it necessary to call. He continued to talk a line of gibberish that contained the words safety and compromised and infected. I asked him how he obtained my phone number and he responded with "it is in our database". He then instructed me to do some very specific things, first of all to hold down the Windows key and press R which brought up a window labeled Run. He then told me to type in the letters cmd which brought up another window. I suspected he was trying to attain remote access and control of my computer so at that point I asked him if he would provide me with a phone number where I could call him back. He said he would but wanted me to enter a string of characters into the black box first. I asked him if he could hold on for a moment and texted my son Michael and described the situation. He texted back with that could have been very bad! I hung up. So, if a man who speaks broken but polite English calls and asks you pretty much to give him remote access to your computer don't do it! Please be suspicious and hang up. And if you have caller ID on your phone, report him! Beware of scams

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