Thursday, February 12, 2015

Isn't It Lovely!

If you would like to truly understand what an improvement this is, go here. I have begun cleaning this room many, many times, and I do believe this is the first time I have finished the job. All I have to say is, whew, am I glad it's done!

A freshly painted new wall! Clean things hung neatly and ready to go upstairs. To the left hang sewing projects still to be done. Sewing supplies and craft items are stowed on the shelf. Max, the Patron Saint of Dirty Laundry, surveys the room from his top shelf perch and heartily approves.

A well-lit spot for my sewing machine and organized storage for linens and more crafty stuff.

Gone are the lint and spider infested curtains! The south and west facing windows let in so much light I don't need to turn on the lights to see during the day! I do like the accent stripe of magenta on the block wall. Still more crafty items sorted and stored! There's even space to work on little projects!

The utility side of the room remains utilitarian. Lots of space in the center of the room to spread out the big buckets for laundry sorting.

Because that's what we do in here. Laundry! Seems like a miracle that anything clean came out of this room in its previous condition.

Like I told you, the ceiling hasn't changed except for a thorough vacuuming job to remove years of cobwebs. Years of cobwebs. Years. The floor was clean enough for me to lie down and snap this pic. So I had to. 

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