Thursday, February 5, 2015

Drugs And Sex With No Mention of Rock & Roll

I proudly bear the self-applied title of SubGenius. Y'all know that. This has me wondering if I'm all that smart and everything. I am a night owl. I do enjoy staying up late, something in my brain perks up when the sun goes down. And as far as the drugs thing goes, they don't say specifically what counts as a drug. Potato chips? Chocolate? Peanut butter cookies? I don't try to hide the fact that I rarely turn down the offer of a glass of wine or a tasty beer. The occasional Cosmo is a shameless indulgence. As far as drugs go, prescription or street in nature, I have never been the slightest bit interested. I grew up in the cocaine and smack saturated seventies without feeling tempted to snort or stick a needle in my arm. While in the hospital after giving birth I turned down the Demerol in favor of ibuprofin! What kind of self-respecting druggie does that! And in regard to the sex thing, I can promise you that whenever I have had a willing and able partner in my life I have stayed up late to indulge. Or woken up early, for that matter. Did not turn down an invitation to an Afternoon Delight. I would come to the conclusion, then, that Two Out of Three Ain't Bad. I really should end this before I drop the title of another song from the 70's. All I have to say is, intelligent and smart aren't necessarily the same thing. I may have to stay up all night to contemplate that.

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