Wednesday, January 28, 2015


One day last week a friend on Facebook posted a very detailed dream she'd had, including remembering that she was aware she was dreaming and influenced how the dream progressed. Lucid dreaming! One of the coolest things about sleeping is dreaming. And the ability to have an awareness of it is even cooler. Reading this article today gave me deeper insight into the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. I have often experienced an awareness that I am separate from what I am dreaming, like I am observing what is going on. Thus far I have not been able to speak in a dream through myself or another person and alter its progress but I wear I am this close to making it happen! I often use meditation as a component of pain control. It is effective and has helped me tremendously. Maybe my focus has improved because of this and any night soon I will speak in my dreams! I love having a brain. Maybe someday I'll know how to use it.

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