Thursday, December 18, 2014

Throw Back!

Toddler me aged one and a half years. With big brother Scott. This was taken at Grandma and Grandpa Ruud's house in Williston. The photo doesn't reveal what was probably a lutefisk laden atmosphere. Uff da. I love that you can see my mom's and Aunt Mamie's high school graduation pictures under the tree. I seem to be practicing walking, a relatively recently acquired skill. Scott seems to be engrossed in whatever is on television, the tv is just out of frame to the right. I remember being fascinated with the bubbler lights on the tree. I have no idea what is gripped in my chubby little right hand but I appear rather purposeful about taking it somewhere. Suddenly I'm craving Grandma's date filled cookies. And lefse. 
After conferring with cousin Cory, this is likely the grandparents' house in Alamo. They moved to Williston probably in 1960, a year or two after this picture was taken.

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