Monday, December 8, 2014

The Anti-Scrooge

So it's Monday, right? And the landline rings. It's a Verizon rep in the customer loyalty department. Yes, Virginia, it seems that they do, indeed, have a department devoted to customer loyalty. He was calling to tell me about a new plan they are offering that cuts my monthly bill to nearly half of what it currently is. Sign me up! One of the things I work at is not being suspicious when something good happens out of the blue. That there has to be a downside, that old catch 22 lurking around the corner. I am choosing to embrace this windfall free from anxiety or doubt. Just don't call me during the day unless you're also on Verizon, I've just gone from unlimited talk to 700 minutes per month. Feel free to text, that's still unlimited. Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is real!

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