Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Miss You, Mom

What is it about her birthday that jogs so many memories? Probably that she loved celebrating it. And enjoyed saying that everyone in the world celebrated on this day, her day. Happy birthday, Mom, you were a character. The 78 years you were here could barely contain your story.

Alamo, North Dakota. My best guess is 1947 or '48. Mom's in the middle in some sort of equestrian get-up, with her sister Mamie to the right and their friend Mona to the left. In front of grandma and grandpa's house. I have to mention the white picket fence, don't I?

With brother Scott, spring or summer 1956, which would place this pic in Denver. Scott is so entranced with that stick of gum he has dropped the toy that had been clutched in his toddler fist.

July 1980. My parents giving marriage, to each other, that is, a second shot. They look so damn happy. In less than three years they would be divorced again.

With her brother Ken in 2002. So many familiar objects in and on top of the cabinet behind them.

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