Thursday, November 13, 2014

Well Documented

So I'm wading into this project. And I keep getting distracted by things I forgot I had. 

Like this. The certificate from my mother's baptism when she was just over three months old. There is no need to adjust your screen or clean your glasses. It looks a little odd because it's in Norwegian.

Also from 1932, Mom's baby picture. All I have to say is, great smile, even better hat.

Fourth grade Edna had perfect attendance.

In case you were thinking that making a big fuss over every single passage from one thing to another is a new fad, in 1945, in Alamo, North Dakota, fancy certificates were handed out for elementary school graduation. I do not know what sort of ceremony may have accompanied the distribution of this honor. And if it was for the same number of students that made up her graduating class four years later, there were ten kids involved. A little fuss on the prairie, if you ask me.

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