Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Six Weeks

I'm pretty sure Amelia*, who cuts my hair, doesn't read my blog. Three weeks ago I went in for a serious trim and to blend in my too-long bangs with the the rest of my longer hair with the intention of growing them out. Something like three weeks prior to my haircut they were too long. My bangs. So I had started kind of pushing them off to the left with pretty okay results. The latest attempt at growing out my bangs was off to a great start. Then something happened to me yesterday involving the need to wear a hat due to the sudden onslaught of winterish weather and my too-long-to-be-bangs, too-short-to-be-not-bangs and their lack of cooperation pushed me to the limit and I trimmed them! Hello, bangs, I missed you! I don't know what I was thinking to try to abandon you! I totally own the bangs look! Not to mention that I'm quite amazed that the attempt lasted six weeks. I might just be developing a modicum of self control. But don't hold your breath.

*And even if she does, as a hair-bending professional I'm sure she has noticed that I whack at my hair between appointments. And that I color my hair at home. She is just too smooth and wonderful to mention it. Is this where I should say that I love Aveda products even though I can only afford to buy them a couple of times a year?

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