Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jacket Required

Well. It appears that maybe I should have vacuumed before the photo shoot! Pay no mind to the schmutz on the carpet. Thank you. So. Sister Pam gave me this lovely silk kimono jacket last spring. And it hung forlornly in the closet while I figured out what to wear with it. I even took it shopping with me a couple of times attempting to find a coordinating tank or cami to wear with it. But nothing promising was ever found.

Now please ignore the photobombing cat. If only Newt was being truly helpful by obscuring the schmutz on the carpet by sitting on it. But no.

That's better. A few weeks ago I was wandering through Kohl's and found this lovely burgundy top. I grabbed it because I loved the color, never thinking it would go beautifully with the silk jacket. I rarely wear yellow gold jewelry, I almost always go with silver because I think it looks better with my skin tone. But silver just wasn't cutting it with this ensemble. This is my new dressing up the jeans outfit! Thanks, Pam.

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