Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Carpe Brewem!

Everyone who loves beer should attend a craft beer expo. I confirmed that my palate preference leans toward amber and Scottish ales. And I have yet to meet an Octoberfest style beer that I haven't liked. I also have a fondness for a great number of seasonal brews. I felt like a bit of a rookie when I asked the guy next to me at the cheese sampling booth why he was wearing a string of pretzels around his neck. For future reference, remember that the pretzels are nibbled between beer samples to clear the palate. Thankfully we were not asked to merely swish and spit the beer, we actually got to drink it. There were strategically placed buckets and water dispensers. This was a good thing for a few samples that did not agree with my taste buds. Everyone got the cute tiny glass to the right as they entered. There is a 2 oz line marked on it, I expect for sample rationing purposes, but most vendors poured generously. The Carpe Brewem glass was given to me by the nice young man at this booth. It was a lovely afternoon.

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