Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cake vs Crumbs

Based on a very informal and highly unscientific study, I have come to an unfortunate and sad conclusion. Considering the outcome of Tuesday's election and my observation of the reactions to it from my Facebook friends. The trend being this. The people who are happy over it seem to be in denial over many issues that affect our future as a nation. Among these issues are climate change, the shrinking middle class, pay inequality, the astronomical costs of higher education. I could go on and on. But instead I will make my point. It seems to me that I am acquainted with many people who live inside heavily insulated bubbles of privilege. They are so out of touch with how the average person lives that they have completely lost empathy for anyone outside their bubble. I'm not saying they are undeserving of what they have achieved. I am saying that it's difficult to recognize the benefits of privilege when that is your norm. 

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