Wednesday, November 5, 2014


In case you've been totally cut off from, I was going to say civilization but I have to say civility has had little to do with campaigning as of late, the media, you know that yesterday was mid-term election day. Well, that was a long and quite clunky sentence. Robert Reich had this to say on Facebook this morning...

Looks like the Republicans will now run Congress, but their entire campaign was focused on repudiating Barack Obama, who wasn't on the ballot and won't be on one again. They didn't offer a single new idea, no constructive proposal, no suggestion for moving the country forward. Can they possibly govern? Are they even interested in governing?

And I had this to say in response...

Here's the deal, Republicans. You have control of the House and the Senate. Use this power wisely to pass meaningful, progressive legislation that will move this nation forward. Let's feed all our citizens and ensure all have access to medical care. Let's confront the reality of climate change and do what is necessary to limit its devastating effects. Make decisions based on fact rather than opinion and mindless flag waving. Prove that there is more to you than naysaying and gridlock. Spend the next two years drafting and passing laws that our President will sign rather than veto. The spotlight is on you. Show us what you're made of.

Not that any one in power has much interest in listening to me. But I do have the feeling that many people are simply fed up with a do-nothing government. It's like they need Mom to step in and let them know that this has gone on long enough and it's time to knock off the bull and get down to business. Clean your rooms, you lard-ass gasbags! You don't want to know what kind of tough love Mom has in store for you. No cookies! And you might just get packed off to where you came from in two years. Now get busy!

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