Saturday, October 18, 2014

Twas The Night Before, Um, Tomorrow

The chicken is cleaned and brining in the fridge. The pumpkin tart is all fragrant and cooling on top of the stove. Out in the garage the table is set and decorated. All the various components of the spinach salad are chopped and ready to be assembled just before dinner tomorrow. Also in the fridge is the black bean hummus, its flavors mingling together overnight til they reach savory, spicy perfection. This weary chef can barely type! If not for the Leinie's Oktoberfest beer I'm drinking I probably would feel neither inspired nor capable. I'm in the midst of experiencing the Ballmer Peak. It amazes me how a single serving of an alcoholic beverage can calm the angry, misfiring nerves in my hands, brief though that interlude might be. So. Excited to be hosting my trivia team friends tomorrow evening for dinner. I should probably sleep now. I'll just be here a few more minutes. Admiring how the kitchen has returned to a sparkling clean state after all the activity here today. The pumpkin tart smells delish. Beer gone. Goodnight!

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