Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Eve

I have decided that I'm bringing something similar to the illustration on the left to the party tomorrow night. The severed finger cookie is always a hit. Creepy as well as delicious. I must now go to the room downstairs where, with access to a hot glue gun and various crafty materials, I shall complete the finishing touches for my witch costume. The son has determined that he will go as a character from Gravity Falls. This involves the use of a red hooded robe that he already possesses, which at this point in time, I am exceedingly happy about. It only requires the application of a simple logo that I should be able to accomplish with little difficulty. She says with great optimism. The problem with costume failures is that they have no secondary use. Cookies that turn out cosmetically as failures can still be eaten. As the vampires are wont to say, bleh.

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