Friday, September 26, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sharpen Your Knives!

Was there really ever a time when I didn't know my way around a kitchen? I've been interested in cooking pretty much all of my life. Before I grew tall enough to see what was going on up on the counter top, mom would push a chair up to the cabinets so I could watch, holding myself steady by gripping the back of the chair. I remember being fascinated by how she chopped an onion or how she magically transformed a sheet of bread dough into cinnamon rolls. Mostly I remember the smells. By the time I was eleven, I could cook a whole meal on my own. Just for fun, I was watching this series of New York Times short tutorial videos on basic kitchen tasks. And I have to say I was familiar with all of them. I use a slightly different technique for rolling and crimping pastry, but for the most part I think it's a great way to introduce terms and provide a simple how-to. There was this one thing as far as mincing the parsley was concerned that had me wondering. Did he really say discipline? Was this particularly unruly parsley? Or does all parsley need to be sat down and given the what-for? Is the flat leaf better behaved than the curly? Think I'll just have a glass of wine and watch Julie and Julia.

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