Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Epochal Moment

Sometimes you're drying your hair and only the primary objective, achieving dry hair, is attained. Sometimes you're drying your hair and have a moment during the process where something else entirely occurs. Since I wield the hair dryer sans optical correction, ie without glasses, I occasionally find it necessary to lean in close to the mirror to see what I'm doing. Today I caught my own reflected eye as I was backing away. And there was something about the warm air blowing my hair every which way and the whirrr of the appliance and the makeup-free state of my face that made me stop. I was suddenly and astonishingly aware of a thought as it took shape in the front of my brain. Clearly a notion that had been lingering in a nebulous state in the back of my brain for some time, biding its time for an opportunity to come forward and announce itself. An enormous and central factor of my attraction to him is that he's the guy version of me. This is either the epitome of narcissism or the healthiest expression of self esteem. Ever. Maybe both. Here I am, once again, embracing the opposite ends of a spectrum with no happy medium in sight.

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