Friday, August 1, 2014

My Little Badass Sistah!

Aside from being hilarious, the girls in this photo look amazingly like my sister Martine and me! That's right. Freakishly resemble, even. And the age difference is accurate. Plus, Martine can so pull that don't mess with me expression. I'm reminded of the biker gang in the desert confrontation scene from The Gauntlet when Clint Eastwood's character Ben Shockley says that yes, indeedy, he can do what he's doing because he's got this here badge, this here gun, and the love of Jesus in his pretty green eyes. In Martine's doppelganger's case, all she has is the attitude, the properly positioned middle finger, and the pretty green eyes thang. If you ask me, that's all she needs.

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