Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In The End

After viewing the movie Perfect Sense yesterday, my brain has been awash in images from it. And it makes so much sense (haha, no pun intended) today why I had many conflicting thoughts about it. Now that I have it sorted I thought I'd share. It seems that the rational side of my brain was interpreting the film as a straight drama. While at the same time the emotional portion of my brain was telling me that there is so much more to it! As it often works out, the emotional and rational interpretations magically duked it out while I was sleeping and arrived at this conclusion. The entire film is a metaphor for the human condition. How we are capable, even in the worst of situations, of rising to the occasion and persevering. Carrying on in the face of abrupt and almost insurmountable changes. Picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off and finding our way. And that in the end the only important thing is love. When all else is lost and nothing makes sense we can still find solace and grace in the arms of someone we love. Civilization with all its trappings may crumble away but love remains. Even when our senses fail us.

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