Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello, July

From what I am hearing, July is a pretty busy month astrology-wise. As of today, Mercury has pulled out of its retrograde phase and is once again flying right. Which is supposed to clear up communication problems. Which have a tendency to crop up in the retrograde phase. I'm ignoring Mercury as I usually do. At my own peril I would suppose. I pay more attention to la Luna, maybe because you can't ignore her. She's waxing, now, on her way to being full on the 12th. Between now and then, I'll have been away for a few days and back again and celebrated my birthday. Who knows what else may transpire. For now, I'm charging batteries and getting things done about the house and thinking about packing a suitcase. Also anticipating what I hope is a short phone call with the elder son to diagnose a computer issue. Not that I don't enjoy a long chat with him, I just hope this problem that cropped up earlier today turns out to be a fluke or a very easy fix. This is what happens when you finish paying for something, children. While I enjoy moving toward being more debt-free and hate paying interest, somehow there is always a hidden cost somewhere. I don't know about you, but I'm blaming Mercury.

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