Friday, June 27, 2014

What Fun!

I like to think of my birthday as my own personal holiday. Which means, as far as I'm concerned, that a single day is simply not capacious enough to contain all the joy I feel the need to celebrate. So. Starting this afternoon, a full dozen days prior to the recorded time of my birth, my natal festivities begin. In two hours I will be seated in a massage chair enjoying my present to me, a pedicure. And, yes, I am also very practical. I have budgeted for this little splurge*. Then the next month is filled with all sorts of terrific things! In one week I will travel east to the Minneapolis area and be a guest at my cousin Emily's home where a number of my Mother's side of the family cousins will be getting together. Several months ago when we put this reunion on the calendar I was looking forward to the event, but now I am genuinely excited to get reacquainted with these members of my extended family once more. I am hoping it is such a merry success that it becomes an annual event. Upon returning home from the long weekend, the MoonMaiden birthday stretch will be in full progress! It has turned out to be such fun that so many of my girlfriends' birthdays cluster around mine! We start with Liz on July 6th, followed by Karen on the 8th, me on the 9th, Andrea and Jill sharing the 11th, and Marian winding things up on the 15th. Birthday month will wind up with a road trip to the Black Hills to commune with nature and beauty at Jill's cabin and attending the reunion concert of one of my all time fave bands, Red Willow. Still hoping sister Martine will show up and make this time extra special! And, yes, sister dear, this is an official invite as well as a nudge! Let the festivities begin!

*Turns out, Reid decided to spring for my bday pedi. Hey, it's easier than shopping! Thanks, sweetie!

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