Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Top Ten Social Network Phrases/Acronyms That Most Annoy Me

1. Just sayin'

2. LOL

Okay, fine. Just these two annoy me. It seems I'm much less crotchety this morning than I thought. In fact, I just took one of those highly reliable and definitive online tests that describes me as blissful. I'll take that. Just don't dim my bliss by LOLing all over the place. Just sayin'.

Afterthought..."'nuff said" grates on me, too. So that's three. 


Andrea Barnes said...

Um. Oops. Sorry? Love you? Do I owe you delicious pie for annoying you?

Bellona of Avalon said...


You don't annoy me in the least. Just harping on about the degradation of language in general and attempting to be mildly amusing.

If you could recreate the mixed berry pie from the Pi Day party, though, I wouldn't complain about that!