Friday, June 13, 2014

Just Doing It

Hello, pink bike. Let's get reacquainted.
 It was time. After a number of short jaunts on the bike this season today was the day for a long ride. Seventy degrees and the wind was with me on the long, northerly stretch. I had no excuses.

Necessary equipment, sans my still missing iPod.
Seriously, I was dreading the lack of tunes. My as yet not found iPod has provided a soundtrack and rhythm to solo rides for so long I didn't know if I could manage without it. Of course, I did manage. Another excuse deflated. Interestingly, without music, my ride became contemplative. I was focused on my thoughts rather than entertained. There was that midpoint when I wondered if it had not been such a good idea to follow the bike trail east, effectively turning my inaugural ride of the season from an easy six miles to nearly doubling the distance. Downshifting from fourth to third gear to compensate for wind and the long, slightly uphill grade, I finally reached the crest, turned north, and leaned forward for the easy downhill pedal in sixth gear. And the rest was a piece of cake. That midpoint stretch is a stinker no matter the circumstance. Where you find yourself wondering if this was ever a good idea. But lacking better options you forge on toward what you hope will be good results. Forward through the fire rather than attempting to reroute around it, like Pheniqs you are tempered and transformed. At this point in my life I have much less of an appetite for immediate gratification. Pleasures and milestones reached through anticipation and earned with labor are that much sweeter. Celebrate the arrival. Relish the journey.

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