Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Darn My Intuition Anyway!

Yesterday I found one of my favorite movies in the five buck bin at WalMart. It was packaged as a double feature with another film that also stars Richard Gere. The one I wanted? Intersection. The bonus? Nights in Rodanthe, one that I had never seen. Not finding Intersection all by itself I went for the double feature. You know how sometimes a bonus is a good thing? This wasn't one of them. And I wanted to like it, I tell you! I adore Diane Lane! Nights in Rodanthe turned out to be a pretty predicable romcom with a few likable moments but nothing special. My intuition comes in near the end when Diane Lane's character falls asleep waiting for Richard Gere's return. I make a face at the tv and mutter, I will be so seriously pissed if he's dead! Please do me a very large favor after dragging me through this average piece of overly sentimental treacle and serve up a goddam happy ending already! But no. I remember feeling the same way at the end of City of Angels, which I actually liked, when Nicolas Cage bit it in a way you could smell was coming at fifty paces. I hate it when I sniff out what is intended to be an unpredictable plot twist. Like in Phenomenon when I remarked, if he has a brain tumor I will be so pissed! What a totally unimaginative cop out to explain away an ordinary man's remarkable acquisition of super intelligence and magical powers! It would have been so much cooler for his unlikely transformation to be attributed to the bright light he witnessed in the night sky! More difficult? Yes! More entertaining? Most definitely! Okay, I'm done ranting. And if you must know, I only blurt out these observations when watching at home. Well, most of the time. You can dress me up but you can't take me out to a movie. Well, most of the time you can. This, people, is one more reason why drive-in movies should make a comeback!

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