Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Want Patience and I Want it Now!

Well. I always was a rip-the-band-aid-off and get it over with kind of girl. Slow and agonizing just isn't my style. Neither is the suffering in silence approach while I try to hold it all in. Despite my Norwegian half I'm not much of a stoic. The crazed Scots/Cajun side seems to rule every time. I truly do wish I was capable of a happier medium, less extreme way of going about things. There are many shades of temperament betwixt the far ends of any spectrum. Rationally I know this. But emotionally there is an immediacy that demands expression. I know from experience that this does not always go well. But often my frank and open nature is admired and appreciated by the people around me. I'd rather be easy on you. In the end it would be a whole lot easier on me as well. When Frank Costanza flails his arms and shouts out serenity, now! I totally get it.

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