Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Doldrums Diversion

It's feeling chilly and I can't quite say why. Maybe it's just my brain rushing to fill in the (imagined?) gaps. Though I know it's neither fair nor reasonable to fill in gaps, imagined or actual, with my experiences based on other men. Other men. Other men relegated to the past for good reason. Maybe it's just that the glow has faded from three weeks ago. Driving for three hours through sleet on roads heaped with rutted slush was nerve-wracking to be sure. But upon arrival at my destination the rain stopped and the sun broke through the clouds. An accurate weather report as well as an accurate metaphor describing the next few hours. So pardon me while I drag my dragging ass out to the garage. Where I shall sweep and clean and organize away the dregs that winter left behind. And hope that the physical activity has a similar effect on the emotional and spiritual ennui I am steeped in.

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