Thursday, May 15, 2014

Calling Madame Babushka

In high school I was the go-to actress in the drama club for any sort of skit. I was bound, of course, by school rules. Meaning I was expected to refrain from using foul language and the wearing of risque costumes. I also had to be careful about extemporaneous use of god references and inappropriate gestures. Meaning that my creative nature was squashed down into a teeny, tiny box. They seriously cramped my writing and performance style. I still managed to have fun despite these drastic limitations. Scrawled on the back of the photo is a note identifying this gypsy-reading-a-basketball* character as being invoked in a campaign skit for a classmate who was running for student council president. I don't remember if she won. 

*I remember it being a basketball, but the son has remarked that it doesn't bear the characteristic markings of a basketball. So maybe it's a balloon. Or one of those red bouncy balls that were used in the PE class ritualistic punishment called dodgeball. 

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