Friday, April 4, 2014

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Have Not Blogged Since March

1. I have been sleeping.

2. In reference to Item #1, I have not been doing a whole lot of sleeping, so it really is kind of a lame reason.

3. I am involved in TIST* with Miss Pamela and Miss Martine.

4. Bella and Zsu-Zsu require ear scratching and belly rubbing.

5. Michael, Miss Pamela's beau, keeps distracting us with things like tequila, wine, music and going out.

6. We went to the Georgia Aquarium.

7. We had lunch at The Boneyard.

8. We are becoming regulars here.

9. There's this thing called First Friday.

10. We spent most of a day visiting Miss Pamela's parents, Jean and Larry. 

* Total Immersion Sister Time

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