Monday, April 14, 2014

Lunch at The Boneyard

With a name like The Boneyard, this sort of decor isn't the least bit surprising.

Nor is the de rigueur presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

These two festive fellows bear a striking resemblance to the impish ones who regularly appear on my left and right shoulders. They whisper conflicting advice into my ears. I only listen when they speak English.

What's this? Why, it appears to be a south of the border version of da Vinci's famous mural! The Last Supper holds some kind of record for being the most satirized painting known to man. This version would be evidence upholding that claim.

Once you have drunken in the atmosphere, drink down some authentic Mexican beer! Oh, and the food was absolutely delicious. I had the chicken avocado quesadilla and a sopa topped with black beans, peppers and shrimp. Oh, and the tequila was pretty tasty, too. Don't ask me the variety, it just appeared at the table in tiny goblets. Mmmmm.

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