Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Live From Dance Atlanta

Waiting patiently for fifteen minutes past the hour so I can check in for my flight tomorrow. The waiting is entertaining, though, as I am seated at a table adjacent to an enormous expanse of hardwood floor. Michael Buble is crooning over the sound system. Yes, children, this is a dance studio. And Miss Pamela is in the midst of her weekly dance lesson. She's all posture and attitude and grace in high heels. Miss Martine has safely returned home as of last evening. Which means we don't have to arm wrestle for shotgun in Miss Pam's BMW convertible! I'm here an extra day so that coveted spot is mine all mine! This has been a wonderful week of bonding and laughter and saying goodbye to the past. At the same time all of us are looking forward to some enormous life changes. For the better, ready or not. I am so fortunate to have two beautiful sisters who rejuvenate and repair and revitalize me. One given to me by my mother, the other given to me by my dear little brother. There is no such thing as too much love.

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