Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Things You Find...

...when you're not looking. Pirate themed temporary tattoos! They arrived in a 2008 calendar and promptly disappeared, only to reappear a couple of weeks ago when I was going through boxes stashed under the stairs. Though I hadn't missed them these past six years I was delighted to run across them. The ship is my favorite with the flag depicting the pink (red?) skeleton coming in second. Though I wouldn't trade any of these temps for any of my perms*. A tattoo, children, is earned. Paid for in sweat and aaarrrrgg! pain. I suspect a genuine pirate would scoff at a tattoo applied with water rather than needles.

*Ooooh! The words temps and perms share all but one letter! Swap the aaarrrrgg for the t or the other way 'round and they have all the same letters! I apologize for the geeky language footnote.

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