Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Black Dress Dilemma

Way back in December, Tami had a fancy party to attend. So naturally she gathered the girls to weigh in on which of these little black dresses should get to go along with her. This was not easy. She looked fabulous in all of them. For your consideration, then, the final four.

LBD #1 -- Nice! Tami doesn't accessorize heavily so the built-in jewelry at the shoulders was a nice touch. Overall my second choice. You mean this one didn't win?

Yes, those were the winning shoes with LBD #2. Lovely detail on the front of the skirt! Eventually this dress was ruled out because the light colored lining in the bodice just didn't look right. 

Tami is a walking advertisement for doing the gym thing regularly. LBD #3 was never a serious contender, she said, because it was just too short for her comfort. I say, who cares about comfort when you look this amazing!

Saving the best for last, LBD #4 was the clear winner. Gorgeous. Sophisticated. Sexy. Yes.

Closeup of the beading detail at the waistline. The little black dress. Don't leave home without one. 

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