Friday, March 14, 2014

In Praise of Pi

It was your, or more correctly, my, usual Friday afternoon. Doing stuff about the house, listening to Science Friday on public radio, and then the doorbell rings. So I holler at my son to answer the door because I'm still in my jammies. Don't judge me! A plaid flannel night shirt is a very comfy thing to wear while doing housework. Then I heard voices and laughter. I peeked around the corner.

And who do I see but my AndiGirlz! With pie baking supplies! Here to help me celebrate Pi day as well as playing hooky from work. I was so totally and completely surprised! Seriously, if I know people are showing up I get dressed.

AndiBean doing her best Martha Stewart in a skeleton apron while showing off her kickass apple pie filling.

Andrea doing crust prep for her mixed berry pie. So much deliciousness, so little time.

Our veritable pie smorgasbord. From left we have pecan, apple, fresh strawberry, mixed berry, and lemon.

Tart cherries, sweet cherries, red and white raspberries, and blueberries ready to be topped and tossed in the oven! This one was to die for! They were all so very delish, but if I had to choose a favorite this was probably it.

Closeup on the lemon with AndiBean's apple creation in the background.

Closeup on the pecan.

Then other people dropped by and we were all transported to pi nirvana. Then we played Cards Against Humanity. I have laughed so hard today I hurt. Best Pi Day ever.

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