Saturday, March 29, 2014

Geeky Musical Rant

The younger son has just played a version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown for me that he sequenced in WarioWare DIY. He plugged his Nintendo DS into the stereo and hit play. He then went on to entertain me with various instrument samples used in the game's music editor. He then went on a bit of a tirade regarding one of the samples. According to his musical ear the game's creators are attempting to pass off a shamisen for a banjo. Bastards!* The sample is labeled banjo but sounds like a shamisen. He's the banjo player so I defer to his expertise. I smile and nod. He leaves. I'm pretty sure he was speaking English. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet.

* This is my reaction to such a subversive ploy. Reid did not utter it. Remarkably, this perennially potty-mouth mom has raised two children who rarely epithize**.

** If epithize is not a word it ought to be. A word.


Jimmy Chadwick said...

Let’s be friends. I like the way you wrote here, and I think I could like doing some back-and-forth with you. I’m a good sort, and/but also with a lot of the kinks of having lived through a bunch of decades in various kinds of wildernesses of, largely, my own making. I live in Oregon.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Hi, Jimmy! Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Are you on Facebook? That might be the easiest way to chat.

We certainly do make up our own wildernesses, don't we. And then figure out what to do once we're there.