Monday, March 10, 2014

Evil Cheesy Things

It all started last week when I was in the waiting room at the Subaru dealership. They were fixing my tire. What kind of idiot goes to the dealership to get a tire fixed? you might be wondering. This kind of idiot, it would seem. I thought I was going there to get them to make that little inflation problem dash light to go away and stop bothering me. This has happened before during very cold weather but then corrected itself once it warmed up again. Not this time because apparently when there is a nail in your tire this is an actual problem with keeping it properly inflated. So I'm in the waiting room. All alone with the tv remote and baskets of wonderful snacky things! Like serving size bags of those evil little cheesy crackers. And candy bars. And chips! And little spicy meat sticks! Even a glass-doored refrigerator with chilled water bottles and soft drinks! So I hadn't had lunch yet and the cheesy crackers spoke to me. As did one of those tiny Almond Joys. I was sliding down the snacky slippery slope, people. To the point where I bought a full size box to bring home. I have just vowed that I must munch these evil little things no more. I feel crappy. And they repeat on me in ways that cannot be discussed in polite company. Sorry, little cheesy and perfectly square crackers, I'm going back to the almonds with sea salt. From now on I'll take my cheese in cheese form. 

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