Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ten Things About Today

1. In a weak moment this morning, really before the coffee kicked in, I kinda sorta started to set up a profile on OKCupid.

2. Referring to item 1, this was so not the best thing to do while contemplating my impending deposition.

3. I know I already devoted an entire post to this wine. But seriously, Zinfatuation 2010 is so delish.

4. I recognized while typing item 3 that I am two glasses under its influence. This realization has only reinforced the fact that I find it delicious.

5. I must divulge that the two reasons I bought Zinfatuation 2010 were first, its very reasonable price point, and, second, I found the name amusing.

6. The deposition itself was not horrible. Long, yes. It was an exhausting four plus a little hours.

7. Points to me for only almost crying once.

8. Points to me for dressing like a grownup.

9. Points to me for my lawyer not having to intervene even one time with an objection or an aside.

10. I am so very effing relieved for this afternoon to be in the past.

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