Saturday, February 22, 2014

Stymied Steinie

I love presents. Particularly the unanticipated sort of gift. Throw in handmade by the giver and you totally have me. Thursday afternoon Reid returned from his trek across the street to the mailbox with a package in hand. And it contained a lovely note and a crocheted rose from Andrea. I squealed with delight. Einstein is also enamored of my flower. The theory is that Isis, Andrea's cat who must be involved with everything Andrea does, including yarn craft, has introduced her presence into the very fiber of this flower and Steinie is picking up on it. I'm inclined to agree. Though he doesn't seem certain which end to sniff. Clearly, Isis lives in every inch of the flower. Thanks, Andrea! For sending me an unexpected and created-by-you gift. And the subsequent entertainment.

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