Saturday, February 22, 2014

Money Talks

If I were a better person I wouldn't be amused by this. No, scratch that. This situation is most certainly amusing so I shouldn't start off with besmirching my own character. Okay, technically this is gossip since when I heard it, it did not fall from the lips of the person in question. So what we have here is a confession of one guy to another, told to me by the confessee. Here goes. It seems that a single man of my acquaintance has either entertained aloud a desire to date/romance, or expressed such desire directly to every last one of my circle of girlfriends. With the exception of moi. And the reason being, surmises the confessee, is that I am not financially in the same league as the confessor. Because he doesn't wish to give up any of the various activities that he enjoys, nor apparently does he wish to subsidize a lady friend's ability to participate. I find this so very amusing. And I'm completely cool with it since I have zero romantic interest in him. But dammit! I wanted my turn to say no! Since it seems all the others have. Said no. Okay, fine. This last little part I wouldn't find amusing if I were a better person. Still, we all have our dealbreakers, and he has every right to draw the line where he chooses. But puh-leez! This does seem to be a pretty stingy line to draw. For me personally, the activity involved isn't the big thing. Sharing that activity with someone whose company I cherish is the larger matter. And if it's something I truly love and enjoy doing, the company I share it with is that much more critical. Who is paying the way is a detail. That said, I have never kept a financial spreadsheet where a relationship is concerned. I believe generosity grows from affection and if you nickel and dime away at it the affection can erode down to nothing. Fairness isn't always equal and there are myriad more costs hanging in the balance in any relationship beyond the financial. If you ask me, I likely have dodged another bullet in the boyfriend department. And I'm amused. It's a win/win.

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