Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Post for Friday

It is Valentine's Day. And the moon is full. This, children, is a potent combination. Which has me thinking that it could be a wild night. Not necessarily for moi, as I'll be staying in and cooking dinner for Reid and me. But there will be wine. Specifically champagne. Hey, I need to open it as I will be needing wine for the lemon butter reduction I'm preparing to go with the broccoli. As you may have deduced I have fully rationalized this decision and will not be talked out of it. I believe this day is an opportunity to celebrate and express all kinds of love. Meaning that dinner at home with my son may not be romantic, but it is certainly an effort made with love. In the balance, there is no way I'm letting this full moon night pass by without casting some romantic vibes out there. Pragmatic romantic vibes. Linguistically it may be an oxymoron, but I have learned to embrace the fact that I'm a pragmatic romantic. So I made a list. Goes hand in hand with Practical MagicAnd, yes, that is the movie I'll be viewing tonight. I just decided that right now. If you love someone, tell them. And not just today because you may feel it's a romantic day of obligation.


Irene Vrchota Cooley said...

Hope that you take a "listen" to "Full Moon Night" while cooking dinner!

Bellona of Avalon said...

I do enjoy a soundtrack while working in the kitchen! Thanks for the suggestion!