Monday, January 20, 2014

Lost & Found Dept

Can you say something was found even though it was never really lost in the first place? I'm answering yes for all of you. I thought I lost one of my fave earrings on Friday night! But discovered that I only put one of them on to begin with! Yay! But I didn't figure it out until yesterday. So when I found one in the dish on the bathroom counter and the other on my dresser I was pleased and relieved. Also wondering if the perceived loss was me experiencing an episode of the dreaded senior moment. I plead distraction and trying to get out of the house on time. I don't know how I managed to not notice the lack of an earring until after the movie and having a bite to eat since I check my ears for the appropriate number of ornaments in a sort of chronically OCDish manner. I have a really sentimental attachment to these earrings in addition to them being favorites. My mother gave them to me years ago, at least fifteen or so, and since her death I feel emotionally connected to objects that I associate with her. I feel close to her when I wear her silver bracelet or dust the carnival glass bowl on my dresser. Things that on their own aren't particularly valuable, but irreplaceable due to what they represent to me. I could almost hear her remarking that had the "missing" earring been a snake it would have bit me. Thanks, Mom.

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