Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fair Warning

Here's the deal. If you are the person in power and I find myself in need of prevailing upon your sense of fair play and judgement in order for something I need to happen, please never say this. 

If I do it for you then I'll have to do it for everybody. 

Nononononono! If you are, indeed, the top level person that I have been sent to who has the power of making the decision then for crying out loud grow some balls and render a decision already! Falling back on an old saw rather than taking responsibility just pisses me off and encourages my stubborn streak and makes me that more intent on winning. For me it's the verbal equivalent of dropping the gauntlet. Trust me, if you utter the aforementioned phrase you most definitely won't enjoy dealing with me because it brings out my warrior facet in her full battle glory. I'd prefer to be told no and be given a reasonable explanation for turning down my request. I won't mind if you call me a bitch to my face! It requires more courage that muttering it at the door that has closed behind me. 

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