Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beer Night #1

So our amazingly brilliant trivia team keeps winning. First place two weeks in a row! On the first of these two wins we took home two growlers full of Wooden Legs Brewing Company's tasty beer. It seemed like we should regroup and drink it together so I made dinner and invited everyone over.

I always say invite musical people to your dinner parties. It's quite simply the fun thing to do. Reid and Chris are on the couch and Marian brought her brother Marcus along. Marcus is a lefty picker and a pretty excellent one. On the coffee table you can see a likely near-empty growler and a very tiny wine glass. Emma just wanted a little wine.

Emma and Stephanie. Emma is sporting her newly acquired bangs which I think look fabulous on her.

A chair full of lovelies. Emma, Stephanie, Laura and Marian. Their brains win beer! This is a good thing.

Another pic of Laura just because she's so darn cute. I just realized I took no pictures of food or the beautifully set table. As far as you know, this was nothing more than a drunken sing-along that I'm trying to pass off as a classy dinner party. The Cajun seafood chowder was delish as were the corn muffins and smoked salmon spread. The pecan tart was to die for, though thankfully no one did. Ask any of my guests. There was food. Really.

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