Monday, January 20, 2014

According To...

...internet quizzes making the rounds, I made the following self revelations:

City I should live in...New York City

My observation...No way! This quiz didn't even include my favorite drink so how could it possibly be accurate.

Disney Princess I am most like...Snow White

My observation...It would be very difficult for me to find seven guys that I'm taller than to hang out with.

Friends character...Rachel

My observation...I'm not blonde, I'm not attracted to Ross, I'm not whiny.

Star Wars character...Princess Leia

My observation...This totally rocks! I've been told for years that I bear a resemblance to Carrie Fisher. And I love a character that is equally at home as an ambassador in a flowing white dress as well as resourceful in a difficult situation, plus kicking ass in a battle/chase scene. 

Writer I am most like...Walt Whitman

My observation...A revered master, but I think I have more in common with Emily Dickinson or Robert Frost.

Love Actually character...Karen

My observation...I adore Emma Thompson so any similitude to her in any role is taken as a huge compliment! And I would forgive Harry (Alan Rickman) and take him back even though he behaved like an idiot.


Jacquelineand.... said...

One does not simply...forgive Snape.

Bellona of Avalon said...

Or the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, for that matter! But you would totally forgive him if you've seen Truly, Madly, Deeply